Hello and a warm welcome.

At Quiet-Space we help children, young people and adults learn simple ways to let go of anxieties, gain more emotional balance and to find their own version of inner calm… so they can lead fuller, happier lives đź’—.

“Aly’s Meditation sessions are vitally important to my mental health and general well-being. It doesn’t matter how low I am feeling, I always leave feeling optimistic, positive and calmer as a result. Things don’t get to me as they normally would. My family has noticed a difference at home and my work productivity and levels of concentration have also increased. I would thoroughly recommend these sessions to everyone.”


“Thank you. This time out for myself during our long days on the ward feels AMAZING. It’s lovely to have few minutes to relax and release stress. X”

DB, WELLBEING AT WORK – harefield hospital

“Find time to relax. Consider meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques to reduce stress”