This meditation is designed to be done anytime, anywhere, to help you access a bit more inner peace. Once you have done it a few times you will be able to guide yourself if the need arises.


Gratitude is wonderful as it is so powerful, and at the same time so simple. It comes when we become aware of the simple beauty in our lives. With practice it can shift the mindset from one of feeling like we’re missing out, or do not have as much as others, to one of feeling lucky and fulfilled, from lack to abundance. Helping us to focus on the good in our lives. Try using the sheet below to try it. 


Joy is amazing, it raises our vibration as we become happier. Just look at children playing to remember the pure innocence of life before responsibilities took over… perhaps it’s time to get some of that feeling back, feel more joyful at the little things and allow ourselves to be silly. Here’s some ideas you might like to try, some of them are a bit daft but apparently they’re great fun!