Kind Words

“Aly’s meditation and soundbath class is a wonderful hour of complete relaxation. It has been a calming and nourishing influence on my life during a very difficult time. By the end of the hour I feel renewed, re-vitalised and very grateful have come across Aly and her work”.

ad, Ruislip soundbath sessions

“The best hour of the week, totally relaxes me, I sleep much better after. Aly is a fabulous practitioner, it’s amazing how you feel the sounds throughout your body. The best meditation class I have tried”.

mm, ruislip soundbath sessions

“I have a very stressful job and find the sound bath sessions really help reduce tension. The breathing and meditation really set you up to be able to fully appreciate the sound part of the session. The hour flies by and I always leave feeling more relaxed. Best meditation session I’ve experienced”.

mp, ruislip soundbath sessions

“Very relaxing and calming experience. It’s 15 minutes of time in a busy environment to sit and relax. Amazing. Thank you.”


“We have been taking part in weekly meditation sessions for 4 weeks now and I know we have found them incredibly helpful. During this period it has become increasingly hard to take a break, and knowing that we have that 30 minutes to look forward to is a great help. Alexandra is wonderful and as well as enjoying the sessions weekly, she has given us tools to take in to everyday life should we need a moment to step back and breathe. I would recommend these sessions to everyone for promoting good mental health and wellbeing”.

Claire sweeney, afme – Canary Wharf

“Thank you so much. I feel very relaxed now. It’s so important to take even just 10 minutes out of our busy lives for this.”


“Aly has been the perfect person to help me learn about the gift that is meditation and the ideal person to provide wonderful healing sessions and show me how to bring them into everyday life. Both are helping me balance and maximise the potential in life, both body and spirit. I also take my young daughter to her children’s meditations which help guide her through any troubles she has. I’m only just starting, but thanks to meeting Aly at the right time, I have a wonderful supportive guide. I can’t thank you enough Aly. X”

SM, MEDITATION classes & children’s wellbeing sessions

“Hi Alex, So eighteen months ago I had a Blood Pressure that was unacceptable and I decided to lower it without using medication. My Blood Pressure gradually went down and stayed down through meditation and Metaphysical Exercises. I’m also much fitter now and it takes me only one hour a day and the benefits are long lasting”

GB, community meditation classes

“I find them [workplace sessions] really valuable. I get 15 minutes of relaxation and am able to re-focus and put things back into perspective”.


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