One to One Treatments

Ruislip based Sound Massage & Pranic Healing both encourage the body’s natural healing process, facilitating a state of deep relaxation and a gentle letting go of emotional build up.

For your first session please choose the relevant first appointment tab, this gives us extra time to discuss your needs.

One to One Treatments

A combination of healing methods that fit with your current situation will be used, to help you really relax. If you tend to find it hard to relax or are especially stressed right now, you will be gently guided at your own pace and may be offered a breath-work practice to help you feel at ease. We will discuss this, and agree together how you are most comfortable to go forward.

You may feel so relaxed that you fall to sleep during the treatment! You will feel calm, relaxed and have greater capacity to cope with everyday stresses. Following a session people often continue to experience the benefits of improved wellbeing for some time. You may feel floaty after a session and you will be helped to ground yourself.

During your first treatment we will have an initial 15 minute consultation so we can discuss your needs. Please book in for a first appointment session specifically so we have enough time to discuss your needs.

Please note: For your first appointment please book the ‘First Appointment’ option so we have 15 minutes extra to discuss your needs.

Sound Massage Treatments

During the treatment, the singing bowls and tuning forks are positioned in strategic positions on and around the clothed body. The beautiful tones of the bowls and forks are placed on specific energy centres and along the meridians. They naturally and gently penetrate the bodily tissues, reduce stress, deeply clearing stored up energy and relaxing the muscles. A truly beautiful experience.

Sound Massage alone is one hour and £60 (first Session is 75 minutes at £75)

Pranic Healing Treatments

Pranic Healing is a beautiful treatment, working energetically. The natural flow of energy or chi through the body can become interrupted for many reasons, such as through physical injury, or by difficult life situations such as trauma or stress. Changes in the flow of energy in the body can lead to energy blockages which can then lead on to problems such as exhaustion, depression and many other other issues with the bodily systems – this is where energy healing can help so much. Emotions such as anxiety, stress and trauma can be worked on, and lifestyle changes can be considered to help empower you in your healing journey.

Pranic Energy Healing is one hour and £60 (first Session is 75 minutes at £75)

Sound & Pranic Healing Treatments

Sound and Pranic Healing sessions can also be combined for the ultimate downtime; for those times when you have a little extra free time and would like to deeply relax. This lasts for an hour and a half.

Sound & Pranic Energy Healing is an 90 minutes and £85 (first Session is 105 minutes at £100)

Free Short Meditation

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